IMSM 10 years at the service of Criminal Law in Mexico

We keep working! Although at a different pace and conditions, life goes on

10 years of uninterrupted service have shown the commitment of Islas, Moya, Salinas y Madero, S.C. (IMSM), with Mexico. Headed by 4 partners who are experts in criminal law, this firm has dealt with cases that have favorably impacted Mexican society for the construction of a Rule of Law that respects human dignity.

Given the protection measures established after the Covid-19 pandemic, they work on the resolution and prevention of matters related to criminal matters. Attached to new technologies, they have not ceased their work with the people and that is why they remain the benchmark Criminal Law Firm in the country. Their service has crossed physical borders and being a dynamic team, they offer care not only at their headquarters, but also by continuing their service through social networks.

His motto today is “We keep working! Although at a different pace and conditions, life goes on”. IMSM, committed to society and hand in hand with the Fundación Barra Mexicana Colegio de Abogados, offers free advice to the community in cases of gender-based violence; thanks to the campaign of isolation without violence, guaranteeing that rights are not violated.

They ensure that there is no case without a solution, on the contrary, they articulate efforts to respond creatively to complicated causes that others may consider lost. To this end, they develop three stages: preventive advice on criminal matters; dispute resolution alternatives; and high-impact negotiations and strategies.

This office has established as a goal “to replace the rights of the victim and restore freedom to the innocent, solving complex problems in the shortest possible time”; for this they maintain the development of their investigative capacities, oral skills, redoubling the study and generating creative ideas oriented to the resolution of the conflict.

The human team of Islas, Moya, Salinas and Madero, S.C. offers services in criminal matters focused on the practical areas of Litigation, Finance and Tax; Preventive and Compliance; Banking and Stock Market and Intellectual Property, Defense of Public Servants, and Patrimonial Crimes, as well as Pro Bono, with the guarantee and certainty in the representation; personalized advice and creative, bold and accurate skills in appearances and Legal support.

They consider some details of the current model of criminal justice to be elementary, such as the understanding of the other, respect for the dignity of people, the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the emphasis on repairing the damage, considering that it is heading towards inhibiting conduct crime and social reintegration.

For the partners of this office based in Mexico City, it is essential that the rule of law be oriented towards restorative and non-retributive justice, aimed at both the victim and the accused being able to agree on their controversy in the face of a certain type of crime that allows repair the damage.

As leaders of criminal law, they consider that relations between the union must be loyal without disrupting the purpose of the law “the first loyalty of our office is with the exercise of the profession, because it is how we swear to work, fulfill and protect it; subsequently advance hand in hand with customers; they ask us; certain results and depending on what they ask us; linked with loyalty to the profession; we’ll know if it’s something we can commit to or not.”

For the partners of the firm, the greatest commitment is to act with moral integrity, rectitude and honesty to achieve the optimal development of the punitive power of the State.

They describe the promotion of the law as essential so that citizens know their rights and duties, which is why they maintain channels for training and promoting the legal status through their communication channels.

IMSM bets on the new generations of lawyers trained in a school with fewer vices; which is why they have a team of associates and interns, who inject youth, dynamism and freshness into the office.