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Criminal litigation

Represent in judicial proceedings in criminal matters regarding the defense or attack of crimes committed within and outside the national territory, in local or federal matters.

Banking and Stock Market Crimes

Crimes committed by individuals or financial institutions that expose the stability of the entities that are part of the stock market, as well as those that through the fraudulent handling of bank funds or the stimulation of its operations generate damage to the users of the banking systems.

Extradition and International Criminal Law

Advice on judicial procedures (criminal-administrative) by which a person accused or convicted of a crime under Mexican law is detained abroad and returned to be processed or, where appropriate, serve a sentence already imposed.

Financial and tax crimes

They are those behaviors committed by natural or legal persons that contain a deterioration or impairment of an economic and patrimonial nature, as well as those behaviors that threaten the correct management and control of treasury money, not only in the case of public entities but also private ones that manage State money and the behaviors displayed by taxpayers that threaten the assets of the local or federal treasury.

Preventive Criminal Law and Criminal Compliance

Advice on crime prevention, as well as on the diagnosis, preparation and operation of protocols and compliance programs in accordance with the needs of the sector in which the client carries out its commercial activities.

Intellectual property crimes

They are those that protect the personal and patrimonial rights that they attribute to the author of their work and the exclusive right to its exploitation, as well as protecting the interests of the creators against those who only seek to obtain a monetary return from the work of others.

Crimes against the environment

They are all those actions or omissions carried out by natural or legal persons that threaten, damage or disturb the normal activity of the environment, atmosphere and oceans.

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